Recap: Amensalism Episode 1

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Episode 1 Recap with Spoilers: Chang You Kuan is running under a blood red moon. He sees flashes of a woman being tied up and screaming. A man covering her in liquid and flashing a lighter as she screams. You Kuan crouches to the ground, his face changing as he grimaces in pain. An animated version of his heart appears to be wrapped in thorns and constricted. You Kuan arrives to the scene of a fire. Ambulances and people crying crowd the scene. Reporters run to film. You Kuan crosses the yellow police tape and sees them bringing out a body. He recognizes the yellow bracelet on her wrist. He clutches his heart. He says for 19 years he has always been the loser.

The scene flashes to You Kuan as a little boy in the hospital. He is non responsive. The doctor tries to revive him with CPR but the flatline monitor blares. The scene flashes again to You Kuan in dreamland. A dark and creepy voice tells him to cross. He goes into a tunnel. Someone asked for the name of evil in exchange for his life. He sees a person there with a red umbrella. He says when he was on the threshold of dying, he didn’t see light, he saw a deal. He gave a name.

You Kuan is meeting with his therapist. He tries to treat him but You Kuan requests a cocktail of heavy drugs and leaves. His voiceover says that since he was 10 he walked a fine line between life and death.

Be Ke Wei plays in an arcade with a crowd of cheering fans around her. A client comes up. She introduces herself as a lawyer. The scene shifts to a mediation meeting with the new client and Ke Wei. The crime is DUI manslaughter. They ask for 10000000 in compensation. They other lawyers say 4000000 is their best offer and they want to pay in installments. Ms. Li, the victim, starts to cry and says that her husband was a victim of a hit and run from their drunken client and they want to pay in installments. After the meeting Ke Wei sees Mediator Chen saying more cold, heartless things and she punches him in the face.

You Kuan and Ace are bodyguards for a CEO, Xu Ming Fei. She walks out of the elevator in a high fashion yellow suit. You Kuan asks her if she’s trying to stop being a CEO and become a celebrity. She tells them men use their eyes more than their brains. He asks her if she doesn’t have enough people harassing her. Their interaction is charged with…something. Flirting or great friendship. He wraps her scarf around her and tells her not to get a chill.

A Mercedes suv leaves and a black car follows. They chase each other through the city. The Mercedes suv is blocked in. A bunch of thugs get out of the cars. Ace takes off his jacket and hangs it on the mirror. Cue fight scene of 10 against 1. Xiao Mi, bodyguard #3 shows up and joins in the fight.

You Kuan and Ming Fei speed down the highway in a silver Mercedes. They arrive to the meeting place. An alarm goes off for a listening device. They notice in the time the alarm went off, someone took Ming Fei’s bag with the contract. They form a plan to corner the thief before he can escape the hotel. You Kuan corners the thief in the parking garage. He tries to run at him with a knife. Ace takes him out. You Kuan asks Ming Fei if she knows who was trying to prevent her from signing the contract. She can’t even count her number of enemies.

Ke Wei sees a news broadcast of the arsonist from You Kuan’s dream and says “it’s him”. Ke Wei meets with another client at a coffee shop. You Kuan is also there. The client has a bruise on her face. Ke Wei confirms the facts of the case. The client was working late when the manager attacked her. She tried to defend herself. She has injuries on her face and arms as well as hips and thighs. She asks her how she got the hip, thighs, and scratches. She asks her how she could get those scratches with clothes on? She tells her that maybe she was going to sleep with the manager but when she tried to leave, he physically abused her. The client says she’s about to get married. Ke Wei tells her that she can get a restraining order. The manager shows up to the coffee shop with a knife. Ke Wei trues to fend him off with an umbrella. The guys goes nuts and starts screaming. You Kuan sees the umbrella and has a flashback to his death experience when he sees Ke Wei. You Kuan restrains the psycho and tells her to call the police.

Ke Wei thanks him for saving her. He asks about the umbrella and gets distraught when she starts to turn it. The police show up and ask You Kuan to come to the station for questioning about the serial arson case. Ke Wei follows him to the police station and acts as his lawyer. The police ask him why he was at the scene of the crime. He said he saw the ambulances and police but when he saw the body, he couldn’t take it and left. They leave the station. He takes the umbrella and gives her money to buy a new one. Not red.

You Kuan falls asleep and sees clues about the arsonist’s next victim. He wakes up and follows the clues. He’s looking for an apartment in Taipei with the word “Star” in the name. He realizes he’s being followed. It’s Ke Wei. He accuses her of working with the police. She says she just wants to find the arsonist and she wants to know why he lied about why he was at the scene of the crime. She knows he wasn’t out buying a chicken steak because the vendor was on vacation. She said she was following him to get more evidence and to find out if he is an accomplice of the arsonist. She outlines all of his movements that night. Next, she lists all of the apartment complexes he visited while she was following him. She asks him what he’s hiding. He confesses that he already knew something would happen because he dreams about people’s deaths but is always too late to stop them. He shows her his pill bottle of Ambien, Prozac, and Xanax. He tells her that he just wants to be treated like a normal person and maybe he lied to avoid being stared at like he is by her after his confession. He leaves the cafe.

Ke Wei gets in the car with You Kuan and asks for 10 seconds. It flashes to a horrible car accident. Ke Wei says she has a friend who is a real estate agent who can help them find the apartment. She says that she has to find the arsonist and is willing to risk everything and try every method. He has an answer to something she needs to know.

Ming Fei texts You Kuan and asks him if he slept. He tells her he’ll sleep later. Counsel Li shows up. He’s Ming Fei’s rival for CEO of the company. There are 3 board members in the next room talking trash about Ming Fei. Counsel Li says he invited them. She tells him he’s flaunting his supporters in front of her. He leaves the room and goes to the board members. He hands out letters of intent. They’re being sued for malicious harassment. He says they intercepted Ming Fei yesterday to block her signing the contract. He tells them if there’s a next time, he’ll see them in court. Counsel Li smiles at Ming Fei and leaves.

Counsel Li sees a video of Ke Wei punching the mediator.

You Kuan wakes up and is shocked to find he fell asleep. He said he thought she was using the bathroom as an excuse to escape. She asks him why he parked there and waited for her then and if he wanted her to come back. He tells her if she bought red tea, that means she has feelings for him. She bought chocolate milk.

Miss Wang, the woman from You Kuan’s vision goes to pick up her package. You Kuan and Ke Wei arrive to the correct apartment. They pretend to be a realtor and client. They split up to find the current building. Meanwhile, Ms. Wang opens her door and the arsonist attacks her. He punches her, duct tapes her mouth, and zip ties her hands. You Kuan finds the right apartment building and takes the elevator to the 12th floor. His heart starts constricting. He knows he’s found the right place. The arsonist starts pouring fluid on the victim. She wakes up and struggles to escape. He strangles her. She’s dead. He flicks the lighter on and is about to set her aflame when You Kuan comes to the door. The arsonist flings the door open and kicks You Kuan. He tries to fight him but is in so much pain. The arsonist wraps his hands around You Kuan’s throat. Ke Wei sees the arsonist and tries to hit him with her taser. He knocks her over and flees. Ke Wei unties Ms. Wang. She starts to perform CPR. You Kuan tells her it’s no use because she’s already dead. His heart continues to pain him. Ms. Wang is revived. You Kuan is stunned. His heart is released. You Kuan stares at Ke Wei as she gives her statement. He does the slow blink at her. She asks if the paramedics checked his injuries. He slowly approaches and wraps his hand around her head. He’s checking her injury. He realizes that this isn’t a dream and it’s the first time in 19 years that he has actually saved someone from his dreams. She takes his hands and tells him he really saved someone. That this is reality and she is his witness. You Kuan turns away and starts to cry. She grabs him and asks if he’s okay. He hugs her. She hugs him back. She pokes him in the face and asks him if he still thinks it’s a dream. They are about to part ways but You Kuan can’t seem to leave her. He asks her to dinner. She agrees. He realizes he doesn’t know her name or number. She hands him her business card.

Later, You Kuan returns to his car and looks at the business card. He sees her name is Be Ki Wei. He’s stunned. The scene turns to Ke Wei on the metro platform. The arsonist is also there, watching her. You Kuan flashes back to when he gave the name in exchange for his life. It was her name. The girl with the umbrella in the tunnel when he was 10 turns around. It was her.

Thoughts: I’ve been in a mild funk trying to find new shows I’m interested in. This is the first one in a while that’s really caught my attention. This is only the second or third Taiwanese show I’ve ever watched. I love it so far. There are so many aspects. The story building is good. The characters are complex. There’s a balance of sexiness and cute interactions with the action scenes and mystery. So far, this is a pretty great show. Also Wang Zi is super attractive. He’s got that sexy, expressive eyes things going on. When I saw the slow blink it took me back to k-drama and this gave me mild hints of K2. As if that weren’t enough to keep watching, a serial killer case, a fate scenario, a fantasy element, and romance. The show has everything. PLUS Andy Wu. That half smile is 🔥.

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