Recap: The Best of You in My Mind Episode 21

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Previously on The Best of You in My Mind: Xu Fang begins his recovery abroad. Chi Chi has no success finding an internship.

Episode 21 Recap with Spoilers: Chi Chi returns to her dorm room. She opens up her diary and crosses off the last potential internship location. She looks at pictures of her and Xu Fang and smiles. Her dad calls and says he asked around and found her an internship. It’s a 10 minute drive from her house. He tells her it’s not easy for a girl to get an internship in Rong City and to come back to Luo City and he’ll take care of her. She reminds him of her plans to live in Rong City after graduation. He tells her to call her mother.

Chi Chi meets with her mom the next day. Her mom says that even if Xu Fang goes for treatment he might not recover. Chi Chi tells her not to worry about it because it’s their problem, not hers. Her mother says Xu Fang is an athlete and now that he has target panic he’ll likely need to quit. She asks if he has any other skills that he can use to support them. Chi Chi cuts her off and asks if she knows what happiness is? Her mother asks her why she can’t let go of the past and forgive her. She says she’s worried about her. Chi Chi starts to cry and says she couldn’t forgive herself. She always thought her mother abandoned her because she wasn’t good enough. She thought she didn’t deserve happiness and love. She says Xu Fang was always there when she needed him and he made her realize that she deserves love and happiness. She tells her that she doesn’t need her and in Xu Fang’s most difficult time she will be there holding his hand. Chi Chi runs away. They both cry. Chi Chi’s mother called her father. She tells him that her biggest regret is being an absent mother and she thanks him for taking care of their kids. She says Chi Chi isn’t selfish like her. She hangs up and sobs.

Chi Chi receives a call that she passed the interview for Harmony Veterinary Hospital. Her and Nie Yue cheer together. They talk about how happiness makes good things happen and eating honey helps bring happiness. Nie Yue said she’d be happy if she makes a lot of money.

Geng Geng wheels Big Li out for a walk. She rolls around in the grass. He tells her they can go anywhere they want. He asks her if she still wants to go on a year long motorbike ride. She says maybe not, cycling isn’t the only option and she just wants to see different landscapes. He asks her how she’s always so chill with everything. She tells him that life is precious and she doesn’t give much thought to it. They should live from their hearts. She throws her hands up in the air and says they both need to experience the beauty of life and freedom. He says he can’t because he already has something he cares about. She smiles at him. Her foot starts to itch in the cast. Geng Geng runs to get a pencil and helps her scratch her foot. They laugh at each other. They joke together. He tells her to stop flicking his head because he’s in his 20s and it’s embarrassing. She tells him he’s still a brat. He tells her to wait for him, he’ll become an adult eventually.

Chi Chi is apartment hunting. She books an apartment and picks up Fang Fang. Chi Chi begins her internship at the animal hospital.

Xu Fang practices shooting targets and misses. He stares at an imaginary target above his bed. The coach storms in his room and asks him why he didn’t go for physical training. He asked why he practiced archery behind his back. Xu Fang claims his target panic is getting worse. The coach tells him that the whole purpose of the physical training is better muscle and movement control. By controlling his movement he will be able to control his focus. Xu Fang tells Chi Chi he’s feeling tired and cancels their video call. He cries. She says she’s not feeling well today. He calls immediately and she says it’s because she hasn’t seen him. He asks Chi Chi if he doesn’t recover from target panic, what they will do. She tells him it’s okay if he doesn’t get well. He can stop practicing archery. She will be a vet and to stop overthinking. They both cry.

Chi Chi is trying to figure out why Xu Fang is afraid of the target and looking for a cure for him. She’s searching for a solution everyday. Xu Fang is training harder with his coach. Chi Chi searches for a sports medicine doctor to help Xu Fang. She gets soaked in the rain during her search. She discovers the doctor retired and moved.

Chi Chi is sick. An emergency animal patient comes in and Chi Chi helps. They tell Chi Chi to go home because she’s sick. She almost passes out in the street but her old roommate finds her and gets her to the hospital.

Chi Chi is passed out at home when someone knocks on the door. It’s Geng Geng. He takes Chi Chi’s temperature and she has a high fever. He gets her a cool towel for her head. Her medical documents say she has high white blood cell count and inflammation. Her phone rings. She doesn’t answer it.

Thoughts: There was a lot of crying and a lot of people trying to get their lives together. The best scenes were once again with Geng Geng and Big Li. They’re goals. Another great, emotional moment was Chi Chi’s fight with her mother. Chi Chi finally got out her true feelings but how her mother can think that Chi Chi’s NOT selfish is beyond me. Chi Chi was a little more mature, except for her physically running away from situations. It made her character slightly more likable. She’s trying very hard to build a life and to help Xu Fang. She absolutely perseveres. Xu Fang’s outburst at his coach was really immature so he still has some growing up to do. Overall, it was an okay episode and building towards future episodes.

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