Recap: The Best of You in My Mind Episode 22

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Previously on The Best of You in My Mind: Chi Chi develops a bad cold. Xu Fang panics that he won’t be able to recover. Big Li and Geng Geng make plans for the future.

Episode 22 Recap with Spoilers: Geng Geng takes care of Chi Chi. She asks for her phone. It’s Xu Fang. Chi Chi pretends she isn’t sick but Xu Fang knows better. Geng Geng says he’ll take care of her. Geng Geng says he’ll call their mom later. Chi Chi insists she can take care of herself because she’s a vet.

Geng Geng sends a package. He calls Chi Chi and tells her to call their mom because she’s worried.

Nie Yue calls her parents. They tell her they’ve set up some opportunities for her. She yells at them and says she’s got her own plans. She shares that she wants to start a business and needs them to lend her money. They say since she started dating Zheng Xu that she’s been this way. She hangs up on them.

Nie Yue’s father calls Zheng Xu. Zheng Xu tracks down Nie Yue and asks her why she asked her parents for money when he told her that he can earn money to pay off his debts. She says she’s sorry for not discussing it with him. He says he’s sorry, he doesn’t want her parents to look down on him. She shows him the shop she wants to buy. She dreams of opening up an archery shop there. Zheng Xu and his friends could teach little kids and she can be his “lady boss and cashier”. Zheng Xu hugs her. He starts to cry. Zheng Xu tells her a man isn’t a man if he can’t endure hardships. He asks her for 3 years to pay off his debts and then they will get married. They hug each other and cry.

Chi Chi flashes back to a conversation she had with Xu Fang. Asking someone to be selfless is becoming a selfish person. He tells her not to force herself on others. He wants her to be a happy person. He hugs her. Chi Chi calls her mother and asks her to meet. Chi Chi hears her step-sister yelling at her mother for going in her room. The step-sister is throwing stuff at the mother and warning her not to enter her room again. Chi Chi’s mom says she can’t talk, but Chi Chi asks to visit her at her house. She tells her she can come later.

Chi Chi helps her mother set the table. She knocks on the step-sister’s, Chen Ding’s door. She tells her to leave her alone. Chi Chi tells Chen Ding that she knows she’s not willing to be her friend but they have to deal with it. She says she’s going to leave Watermelon at her door. Chi Chi and her mother sit down to eat. Chi Chi tells her mother about meeting Chen Ding before. Chen Ding opens the door and grabs the turtle, Watermelon. Chi Chi and her mother eat and cry together.

Chi Chi looks at pictures of Xu Fang. She puts her phone aside, she’s studying distemper. Suddenly, a woman shouts from outside. She says the hospital doesn’t care about animals. It’s the woman who brought in her sick cat before. She says she wants to report Chi Chi and looks at her name tag. She reads that Chi Chi is an intern and blames her for the death of her cat. The chief doctor tells the woman that her cat had viral distemper, which has a high fatality rate because the cat’s fever keeps going up. The woman says that Chi Chi has no right to be a doctor. The chief doctor explains that Chi Chi studied medicine for 5 years. He explains that Chi Chi performed all the preliminary tests and her diagnosis wasn’t unreasonable. Chi Chi says she should never have let the woman take her cat home and she’s not a doctor. She cries. The chief doctor confesses that when he was an intern and faced situations like her, he was also anxious and upset. He said that there were many animals that he did save and the owners’ looks of gratitude made him proud. He realized his responsibility as a doctor. He tells her not to burden herself. He tells her she can do it!

Chi Chi is making some ramen when Xu Fang calls. He tells her he taught some foreigners how to speak Chinese. Chi Chi tells Xu Fang that she’s not in a good mood. She tells him about the kitten that came in and how it died. She tells him it’s okay now. So he asks her why she’s crying. He tells her to resign and he’ll come back and beat the cat owner up. He tells her that since she won’t give up, he won’t give up on himself. Chi Chi shares that she wants to be a successful and respectable doctor. Xu Fang laughs and tells her she’s become much more mature since he’s been gone. She tells him when she’s with him she doesn’t need to use her brain at all and that his intelligence has been improving since he’s been with her.

Chen Ding returns home from school and her tortoise is missing. She asks Chi Chi’s mom if she opened the window. Chen Ding cries and calls out for Little Watermelon. Chi Chi’s mom finds him in the grass. He fell from the window. They rush to Chi Chi’s animal hospital. Chi Chi’s mother explains it’s her fault for leaving the window open. Chi Chi tells Chen Ding that tortoises have hard shells and as long as his shell isn’t broken, it should be okay. Chi Chi treats Chen Ding to a meal. She tells Chen Ding to install a screen on the window because the fresh air will be good for her and Watermelon. Chi Chi tells Chen Ding if there’s things she doesn’t want to tell anyone, she can tell Watermelon and he will listen. Chen Ding thanks Chi Chi for gifting her Watermelon and invites her and Geng Geng over for the Autumn Festival. Chi Chi agrees.

Xu Fang opens up his package from Chi Chi. It’s all the Chinese snacks he loves. He smiles. Zheng Xu calls Xu Fang. He sees the archery school in the background and a little kid comes to ask Coach Zheng Xu to show him the arm movement again. He tells him to practice a little more first. Zheng Xu tells Xu Fang he spends his nights with the archery club teaching kids. He says he has a clear goal now. He wants to pay off his debts and set up an archery club as a business. He will cover the walls with all their posters. He says Xu Fang’s picture will have a special place in the center. Xu Fang starts to cry and Zheng Xu asks if he’s that touched. Xu Fang tells him he wants to come home but he’s not recovered yet. Zheng Xu says he can’t come back until he’s recovered. Xu Fang says he’s worried about Chi Chi, that he can’t protect her. Zheng Xu tells him to get better and come home soon.

The archery team shows up at Chi Chi’s job to walk her home.

Xu Fang’s coach tells him it’s time to shoot the target.

Thoughts: Sigh. This episode was so boring. It took me forever to get through the episode because a bunch of nothing was happening. AND Geng Geng and Big Li weren’t in this episode together. Nie Yue and Zheng Xu’s moments were cute and meaningful but the rest was blah.

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