Recap: Amensalism Episode 5

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Previously on Amensalism: You Kuan and Xao Qing’s past is revealed.

TRIGGER WARNING: Date rape scenario

Episode 5 Recap with Spoilers: Ming Fei and Yao Qing attend the East Empire board meeting. Yao Qing asks her how she knows Be Ke Wei. The Chairman enters and the meeting begins. The CEO, Ming Fei, starts to talk but is interrupted by a board member that asks her to explain some pictures in a tabloid. The provocative photos show what appears to be the CEO hooking up with 3 men in one week and even shows a mole on her chest. The board member goes on to tell the Chairman that even though he wanted to consolidate his power, he should never have given the CEO position to his second daughter. He proposes to replace the CEO. Many board members agree and second his opinion. Yao Qing interjects and says that’s the topic for another meeting. The board members walk out. Yao Qing takes the magazine and says he’ll look into it. Ming Fei tells her father it’s just a case of false reporting. He asks her if she wants to leave the country? She counters whether or not he cares that she might have hooked up with 3 men. She tells him if the same thing happened to her older sister, he would have slapped her. Does he not have any expectations for her? She says she won’t let people push her around. She storms out of the office.

Yao Qing suggests that they threaten to pull their ads unless the publication takes the photos down. Ming Fei says she’ll have her new lawyer take care of it. Ke Wei is the new lawyer. You Kuan asks Ming Fei if she had the other bodyguards monitor him. Ming Fei says if Be Ke Wei can pass her interview she will hire her. Ming Fei takes her to You Kuan’s room. She tells her she’s looking for her bracelet and she slept in his bed the previous night. Ke Wei tells her she’s misunderstanding the relationship between her and You Kuan. Ke Wei sees You Kuan’s investigation wall with all the information about her parents’ accidents. Ming Fei asks her about her relationship with Yao Qing. She tells her they’re college friends. Ming Fei asks Ke Wei what she should do about the photos in the tabloid. She asks her if she really has one night stands. She doesn’t care what Ming Fei tells the public but she needs to know the truth. Ming Fei tells her the person in the photos isn’t her. She tells her she has evidence. Ke Wei tells them that they’re going to do a live broadcast.

A woman watches Ming Fei host the live broadcast. She calls her Feifei. In the video, Ming Fei shows off her chest. She reveals she doesn’t have a mole and the woman pictured was not her. She pulls down her shirt and shows her chest. Someone picks up the woman from the cafe and asks if she’s ready.

Yao Qing sits outside next to a large koi pond. He tells Ke Wei he’s reminiscing about the old her that he used to be able to stop from making reckless decisions. Ke Wei asks Yao Qing what’s wrong because he’s no longer acting like himself. She tells him he’s opinionated and has integrity. He tells her she’s only half right. Yes, he’s always done what he thought was right. He respected society’s values, but once he was at the top, he realized that he’s just a chicken egg that can’t withstand a single blow. Ke Wei says she didn’t accept her position for only money. He asks if it’s because of You Kuan. She tells him to stop being biased against You Kuan. He asks if he stops, if she will stay forever by his side. He asks if she really needs You Kuan in her life? Ke Wei questions if he’s asking that from the position of family, friend, or boyfriend? He asks her what she wants him to be! Yao Qing’s phone rings. He walks away. Ke Wei asks him if he’s leaving just like that. He says if he stays will she give him an answer? He leaves.

Ming Fei wants to lure out some guys who supposedly had a one night stand with her. Ke Wei says she can go meet with them. You Kuan doesn’t agree. He tells her it’s too dangerous. She says as a lawyer, she will be most capable of getting people to talk.

Ming Fei asks the bodyguards about the bracelet that she normally wears. In her closet she finds a tissue with lipstick color that she doesn’t wear.

Ming Fei and You Kuan go for a drive like they did when he father was still alive. The scene flashes back to Ming Fei and You Kuan as kids arguing in the backseat of the car. In the present, they drive to the ocean. Later, You Kuan takes an anxiety pill. They go to visit You Kuan’s mother. They see her arguing with the local women and acting like a general badass. You Kuan tries to leave but his mom demands he come over. She says he hasn’t come home in a year. His mom greets Ming Fei and tells her she became even more beautiful.

The hacker tells Ke Wei if she sees anything illegal later to remain calm. They created a fake dating account and the photos and comments from men start rolling in. We see a nice montage of perverted photos and suggestions. Ke Wei responds to a man and gets confirmation that he met with the CEO before. Ke Wei says he must be one of the three men from the article. She must meet him.

Back at You Kuan’s mom’s house, Ming Fei celebrates the braised beef she missed from her childhood. She goes to take a seat and You Kuan stops her. You Kuan’s mom still believes that her missing husband will come home and unless she sees his dead body with her own eyes, she will continue to believe he’s alive. As they eat, You Kuan gets notification that Ke Wei wants to meet the guy immediately. The hacker asks if it’s okay? Meanwhile, Ke Wei and the hacker are outside of the meeting place. He installed an eavesdropping app on her phone. He tells Ke Wei if anything happens You Kuan will rescue her. Ke Wei leaves to meet the man.

Ke Wei meets up with Sam. He asks her why she’s wearing so much. She tells him so he’ll be surprised later when she takes off her clothes. He tells her since they’re going into battle, they should go eat first.

You Kuan tells his mom something came up and he has to leave. She tells him that the woman who pays him to protect her is sitting with them. She tells him he’s making excuses and if he leaves now, it means he doesn’t consider her his mother in his heart and he doesn’t need to come in the future. He tells her that he’s sorry. She shouts at him and says he’s just like his father, putting work above his family.

At the restaurant, Sam tries to touch Ke Wei. She pulls away. He says when they were talking she was lively but now she’s so stiff. She says she’s shy but when they’re alone he’ll see a different version of her. She asks him if he’s one of the guys mentioned in the article about her CEO. He says yes. He was with the CEO until 4 am. He can prove it and he’ll even show her his phone. He flashes the phone at Ke Wei and when she leans in he brushes her face with his fingers. He tells her she can see his phone to her heart’s content when they finish their business. He tells her to take a big sip of her drink. They head to a hotel. Ke Wei starts to stumble a little and shake her head. Her vision blurs. She tells him to shower first because she wants to change her clothes. She grabs his phone. She gets more dizzy and her vision tunnels. She falls onto the bed. Sam comes out. Ke Wei asks him what he put in her drink. He claims it was just orange juice and starts taking off his clothes. He claims he added alcohol to get her in the mood. He climbs on top of her and tries to take off her clothes. You Kuan arrives just in time and knocks him out.

Yao Qing is out drinking with Director Liu. He asks Yao Qing if he’s ready to become CEO. He tells him he’ll back him. The Director tells the girls to take care of him.

Ke Wei asks if things are over and she’s going to clock off work. She says she has somewhere to go and You Kuan is really annoying. You Kuan leaves the hacker with Sam.

Yao Qing says he likes girls that don’t drink. Yao Qing says she (obviously Ke Wei) can’t drink because when she does she’s scarier than a gorilla. The scene flashes to Ke Wei being scary and demanding in the car with You Kuan.

You Kuan’s mom talks to Ming Fei about her scandal. She asks if her dad yelled at her. She said that would be normal. He only cares about stocks. You Kuan’s mom gives Ming Fei examples that show how much her dad loves her. The bodyguards come to pick up the CEO.

Ke Wei forced You Kuan to drive her almost an hour up the mountain. She sits on a bench and tells him to move out of the way because he’s blocking the view. She says she’s looking for a car. She gives him the license plate. He asks if this is the place her parents got in the accident? He seems surprised. He tells her to come back another day. She says she can’t help herself. She thought if she should give up but if she forgets, who else will remember? She says he’s the same because he secretly helped her look for the car without telling her. You Kuan says that if she forgets the ghost car one day, he will help her remember. She asks him if he knows what’s truly a ghost? Her dad and mom. They’ve been forgotten by the world. She starts to cry. You Kuan wipes her tears and tells her he believes her. He tells her not to cry anymore. She holds his hand. She said she finally understands that night when they saved someone why he cried. She said no one believes in him but she jumped out and was willing to believe. It makes her want to cry. He tells her not to come there by herself in the future. He will wait with her every time. She passes out and lays on his shoulder. He leans in to kiss her. Another car drives by and he stops.

You Kuan drives Ke Wei to his place. He takes her shoes off and tucks her into his bed.

Yao Qing calls Ke Wei. He’s drunk. You Kuan answers the phone. He’s suddenly sober. Yao Qing shows up at You Kuan’s house and asks him for snacks. Yao Qing steals his egg yolk and says he forgot that You Kuan used to eat his egg whites for him. Yao Qing asks him about those shoes they stole. He says they were almost his last pair. In the past, Yao Qing talks to his mother by her hospital bed. He tells her he let her down but he’ll make some changes and they can cook together soon. He tells his mom not to be scared. He’ll send her off first and he’ll follow her soon. Ke Wei comes to visit and prevents him from poisoning his mother. Ke Wei drags him off to dinner for Chinese New Year, grabs his arm and says they’re family. From then on, every New Year, they are together, like family. Yao Qing says it was Ke Wei who pulled him out of the darkness. Yao Qing tells him he didn’t come there to argue. It was his fault that he blamed You Kuan for his mother, but he knows what kind of danger You Kuan’s dreams cause. He can’t let You Kuan get Ke Wei hurt in anyway. He asks You Kuan how he can guarantee that Ke Wei won’t get hurt? Yao Qing says he needs his promise that Ke Wei won’t get hurt because of him. He says if he can’t guarantee her safety, he has no choice but to remain enemies with him.

A woman walks up a stairwell. She opens a door with a key card and smiles. Inside she finds Ming Fei passed out on the couch. She tries to strangle her. She calls herself Feifei. She covers Ming Fei’s mouth with a drugged cloth until she passes out.

Thoughts: How Ke Wei can look Yao Qing in the face when he asks her what she wants him to be to her, family, friend, or boyfriend, and NOT REACT is beyond me. She has both of these gorgeous men after her and she has NO reaction to anything. She basically blinks. I don’t get it. Yao Qing’s backstory is so dark and complex. He’s been so conflicted his entire life. It’s tragic. The more we learn about him, the better his character becomes. I’m assuming the crazy woman is related to Ming Fei somehow, maybe her older sister that we never see. I think Ming Fei suspects it’s her as well.

The date rape scene was really realistic and terrifying. Definitely worth a trigger warning. I felt very scared for Ke Wei.

Every time we find out more about You Kuan and Yao Qing’s past, it shows how solid their friendship was and makes it much harder to accept that they haven’t made up yet. Unfortunately, I think Ke Wei is only going to make it worse. She needs to pick one of them soon.

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