Recap: Where Your Eyes Linger Episodes 1 & 2

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Episode 1 Recap with Spoilers: Han Tae Joo runs away from three classmates. They corner him and the ringleader asks him about some girls that we can infer Tae Joo did something with. The main bully, Kim Pil Hyun threatens to punch Tae Joo but Tae Joo tells him he will regret the consequences. Pil Hyun tells him that his father is on the board at TB Group. Tae Joo laughs in his face. Pil Hyun punches him in the face. Kang Gook shows up and grabs the Pil Hyun by the collar. Pil Hyun asks him if he’s Tae Joo’s servant? He agrees. Tae Joo takes the opportunity and right hooks Pil Hyun. He tells him that his father is the Chairman of TB Group.

A voiceover tells us that Tae Joo and Kang Gook are long time friends but it is disguised as a master-servant relationship.

At home, the Chairman slaps Kang Gook in the face. The Chairman tells Tae Joo that he still hasn’t fixed his habit and every time he does something like this he will beat Kang Gook. The next time, he will send Tae Joo to live in England. His father tells him to be careful how he behaves.

Kang Gook cleans Tae Joo’s wounds from the earlier fight. Tae Joo tells him he’s sorry. Kang Gook reprimands him for telling the bullies about his father. Tae Joo tells him he’s happy living the way he is. He asks Kang Gook if he’s happy too? He says yes. Tae Joo teasingly calls Kang Gook “darling” and tells him he doesn’t want to go to England. Kang Gook tells him not to do “these things” referring to nuzzling his head into Kang Gook’s chest. Tae Joo climbs on top of him and Kang Gook kicks him off. The boys wrestle on the floor together. Tae Joo caresses Kang Gook’s ear. He freezes, and Tae Joo has the opportunity to win their wrestling match.

They boys go to a restaurant that Kang Gook recommends. The server brings out the food and asks who is the “attacker” and the “defender” in their relationship? He Mi shows up. It’s her mother’s restaurant. On their way to school, He Mi tells Kang Gook that her mother kept talking about how good looking he was but he’s better than she thought. Tae Joo interjects and says that people usually refer to him when they say someone is good looking. She ignores him and asks for Kang Gook’s number. He takes her phone and Tae Joo stares at him. He Mi leaves and Tae Joo accuses Kang Gook of flirting while he was away in Japan. Kang Gook tells him he gave her a fake number. Tae Joo seems happy with that response and skips off.

Later, Tae Joo wakes up to find Kang Gook asleep in his bed. He looks at his phone.

The next day, the boys are drinking chocolate milk together when Pil Hyun comes up to apologize to Tae Joo. He accepts his apology and Tae Joo tells him he better watch out before he steals his fourth girlfriend. Tae Joo wrestles with him and says they should be close. Kang Gook watches this from the sidelines. Tae Joo grabs Pil Hyun’s ear. Kang Gook’s voiceover says that Tae Joo has a bad habit and it needs to be stopped. He grabs Tae Joo’s arm and pulls him off Pil Hyun.

Thoughts: Why is this so SHORT?! It’s so good. The chemistry between the leads is perfect. They’re always playful and great friends but then it’s a simple touch and it’s there like fire. The way Kang Gook freezes at having his ear touched. No words. When he gets jealous and pulls him off of that bully to prevent him from touching another guy’s ear. Straight fire. This is my first BL and I really didn’t know what to expect but the drama is exactly where I like it.

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