Recap: Where Your Eyes Linger Episodes 3 & 4

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Episode 3 Recap with Spoilers: Kang Gook helps Tae Joo wash his hair. Tae Joo tells him his mom used to wash his hair like that. Kang Gook continues to play with his hair. Tae Joo looks up at him and asks him if he’s going to wash up too? Kang Gook tells him he’ll wash up later. Tae Joo stands up and headbutts him in the chest. He tries to unbutton his shirt. Kang Gook pushes him away. Tae Joo asks if he replied to He Mi. He tells him he’s going to hang out with her on Saturday. Kang Gook helps Tae Joo dry his hair. Tae Joo mentions that he shouldn’t neglect him now that he’s dating. Kang Gook ignores him and blow dries his hair. Tae Joo grabs the blow dryer. Tae Joo notes that Kang Gook has never dated, he’s never done it, and he won’t be good. He tells him he’ll teach him a little bit tomorrow. He asks if he’s thankful? Kang Gook says he’s not at all.

Kang Gook watches Tae Joo argue with a girl outside. She starts to hit him and ask how he can give the same gift to her friend. Tae Joo kisses her.

Kang Gook’s voiceover says he’s never allowed to take his eyes off of Tae Joo, even when he wants to close them. He wants to run away.

Kang Gook makes Tae Joo breakfast. Tae Joo winks at him. He tells him he has good manners and a handsome face. He gestures for Kang Gook to feed him. Tae Joo smiles and says he’s good at cooking, and just his type. He tells Kang Gook that everything is good, except he’s bad at talking and just stares. He needs to be able to ask questions and start a conversation. He needs special training.

Pil Hyun, Tae Joo, and Kang Gook meet to share dating advice. Tae Joo jokes that Kang Gook hasn’t even kissed before. Tae Joo tells Pil Hyun about the angry kiss he had after his fight with the girl yesterday. Tae Joo tells him he’s got a lot to learn. Pil Hyun leaves. It’s just the two of them now. Tae Joo abruptly grabs Kang Gook around the neck and cradles the back of his head, pulling him toward him. He asks Kang Gook if his heart fluttered? He tells him dating is like that. One move in an unexpected moment. The same applies to skinship. He moves his hand and says he doesn’t think Kang Gook can pull that off. Kang Gook grabs Tae Joo and jerks him towards him, staring into his eyes. Kang Gook asks him if that’s how he does it and if his heart fluttered? Tae Joo smiles and asks if he’s angry? Kang Gook grabs him again and tells him to stop provoking him.

Thoughts: The shift from playfulness to aggression is really strong in this episode. Kang Gook finally teases Tae Joo back but is super dominating when he does it. The tension is rising. For a split second, I thought they were going to shower together at the beginning of the episode. Thankfully, Kang Gook has some sort of self control because my heart was about to explode with the stress of that moment. Kang Gook is so clearly attracted to Tae Joo but Tae Joo is so immature for someone who is apparently so sexually advanced. The way he teases Kang Gook is totally unfair, but maybe he really doesn’t realize Kang Gook’s feelings for him. Hopefully that’s the case because if not, that’s kind of messed up.

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