Recap: Oh My Baby Episode 7

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Previously on Oh My Baby: Ha Ri’s name, job, and image are slandered all over the internet as she becomes the “sperm woman”. Her job is threatened and she is asked to write an apology letter. Instead Ha Ri writes a journal in the magazine. Yi Sang visits a fertility clinic.

Episode 7 Recap with Spoilers: Ha Ri returns to work. The other reporters congratulate her with cupcakes and tell her they loved her column. Editor-in-Chief Shin Jung Hwa beckons her over. President Jo reprimands Ha Ri. He reminds her that she was told to write an apology, not a journal. He takes papers off his desk and flings them at the women.

Editor Shin and Ha Ri go out to lunch. She tells Ha Ri to drink up. Ha Ri jokes that she’s buying her lunch because she’s going to be unemployed tomorrow. Editor Shin reveals that she’s resigning from the magazine. Her baby is having febrile seizures that could turn into epilepsy and she has no time to take care of her other child. Her children need her. She confesses to Ha Ri that she needs to quit suddenly so Ha Ri doesn’t get fired. Ha Ri has been loyal to The Baby for 15 years. She asks how not having a baby becomes a reason for rejecting someone so loyal and talented? She’s going to pass her editor-in-chief position over to her before she leaves.

Yi Sang thinks about what the doctor told him. That there was no treatment before, but would he still like to try? Yi Sang remembers a conversation with Ha Ri and says he never thought about being a father and he never thought it would hurt as much until her.

Ha Ri sees Yi Sang sitting on a park bench and runs over to him. She says he doesn’t look happy to see her and she’ll leave. He tells her not to go and to talk with him. Yi Sang tells her that living is like homework and he’s trying to figure out his life. Ha Ri jokes that she thought he’d say he was walking in the park and suddenly thought of her. He says that’s true, but why did he suddenly think of her? She smiles. Ha Ri tells him it’s natural to think and be curious about her because they’ve seen each other so often in the park. Yi Sang confesses that he thought she was weird. He says people will usually pretend not to be hurt, even when they are, hide their scars, and wrap up their weakness. When he looks at her, he becomes embarrassed that he pretends to be strong. He tells her she’s brave for confessing to the world. He’s drunk but she did well, and instead of a stamp, he pets her hair. They smile at each other. Ha Ri admits that her heart went soft because of him. They run into Yi Sang’s mother. He tells Ha Ri to go. His mother spots Ha Ri. She tells her her name is as pretty as her face. She informs Ha Ri that she rarely comes to Yi Sang’s house and the couple can go there and have fun together in a comfortable manner. Yi Sang says that they’re not in that type of relationship. Yi Sang struggles to escort his mother away, and Ha Ri shouts that she likes Yi Sang. He turns around shocked. Yi Sang’s mom leaves in a taxi.

Ha Ri knocks on Jae Young’s window and asks him to eat intestines with her. They don’t come in single portions. He tells her to go to sleep. Ha Ri thinks about what Yi Sang said to her while eating intestines alone. He asks her why it’s so easy for her to say she likes someone? They shouldn’t start something if they’re not able to accept each other. She asks why it’s so complicated. Yi Sang says it’s because he already knows the ending. He tells her she wants a child. He’s not it. He can’t take responsibility over her getting hurt. She says she’s responsible for her own heart. Her feelings got ahead of her. Jae Young shows up and pours some soju. She tells her she lost her head over a small moment when she had already decided that she didn’t need a man. Jae Young tilts his head and asked if they kissed. Ha Ri replies that she lost her mind because she hasn’t done it in a long time. Jae Young shout asks if she slept with him?! Jae Young tells her that he thinks it best if she lives alone. He asks her why she’s giving her heart away so easily! Make him work for it. He yells at her for caring about Yi Sang’s reasons when she doesn’t have time for that. He asks if she still hopes for him? Ha Ri replies that it would be nice if she were still 20 so she could cling onto Jae Young and think about how he gave her butterflies.

The next day, reporter Choi and Yi Sang argue over how he should take the photographs. Ha Ri takes reporter Choi’s side. Ha Ri pulls reporter Choi outside afterwards and tells her she took her side so Choi could take responsibility because she was in the wrong. She tells her instead of pretending to do well, she should actually do it. If not her work will seem like hell. Ha Ri apologizes to Yi Sang for letting reporter Choi treat him that way. Yi Sang hopes that he didn’t hurt Ha Ri’s feelings. Yi Sang confesses that he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, gave up on marriage, and that a baby is not part of his life. He didn’t want his heart to flutter but she began to sway him. He says his actions were uncalled for. Ha Ri calls it a misunderstanding. He likes being alone and will live his life alone. He’s sorry. Ha Ri accepts his apology. She didn’t want her heart to flutter either. Yi Sang looks at the pictures he took of Ha Ri in the field. He reminisces about the time they were stranded together.

Eutteum covers for reporter Choi over expired products. Eutteum asks why she keeps getting scolded. He says he was just going to greet her, but she keeps talking to him first. He says he likes it better when they talk. Reporter Choi wonders if that’s his confession?

Jae Young picks Ha Ri up at work for lunch. Jae Young tells her that he’s thought about it and will put their 39 years of friendship on the line to fulfill her last wish. He will marry her. He tells her to at least pretend to think about it. She thinks about it. It’s a montage of Jae Young complaining and her waiting on him. She tells him to just get a housekeeper. He asks her if the idea is that bad? She asks what’s wrong with him lately? Is she that pitiful? Jae Young is lonely. He feels like he’s closer to puberty swinging from like to dislike and constantly irritable. She needs to look after him so he doesn’t go astray.

Editor Shin turns in her resignation form. She says it’s time for her to quit. Editor Shin glares when he says that there’s no guarantee that Ha Ri will be promoted to editor-in-chief. She speaks to him informally and threatens him with her eyes. He chokes on his tea.

Eutteum is still waiting for Director Park. Reporter Choi finds out and calls him. She orders him to return back to the company. He tells her it’s his job to wait. Ha Ri tells Director Park that he should be turning in his resignation letter because of his behavior. Park apologizes to Eutteum for being inconsiderate. Eutteum looks after Ha Ri in wonder.

Ha Ri spots a woman smiling and jumping from a black van into Yi Sang’s arms. They walk off together. Yi Sang talks about the woman making a comeback and how she’s much softer now that she’s become a mother. Ha Ri slams down her glass and flips her hair. She’s sitting at the table next to them. Yi Sang introduces Ha Ri to Kang Yoo Joo. Ha Ri says that she and Yi Sang are colleagues that are very comfortable with one another. Ha Ri listens to their conversation and starts sucking on her straw. The glass is empty. Yoo Joo leans across the table and grabs Yi Sang’s hands. She begs him to take her pictures. He tells her it would be an honor. Afterwards, Ha Ri rants that Yi Sang must have high standards because he worked with so many actresses. He tells Ha Ri that he just wants a pretty woman who behaves badly when he embraces her. Ha Ri tells him that her feelings for him were fleeting and that she can stare into his eyes and feel comfortable. Yi Sang admits that he’s uncomfortable.

Eutteum finds Ha Ri. He slams his hand on the desk. He tells her that he thought about it thoroughly. He read her column and understands her. He’s the man for her and he’ll give it to her. He tells her as someone who has a lot of sperm, he couldn’t sit still. She begs him to stop. He says she’s running out of time. She understands but he’s not it.

Jae Young receives a congratulatory plant from Doha’s mother. Ha Ri’s mom tells him she sent the plant just to get to him. She said of course someone so pretty and smart would be manipulative. Just then, Doha’s mom shows up. She tells Jae Young they have to prepare for Doha’s 100 day celebration. He shares that Doha goes to daycare and gets along with all the other kids. She eats well and calls him appa (dad). She doesn’t say mom. She should be asking about Doha’s well-being. He says he’ll take care of the 100 days celebration. She confesses that she came to see him because she wants to get better and she loves him. He tells her she’s always been selfish and giving up Ha Ri for her was a stupid decision. Jae Young tells Doha that she will be fine without a mother because she has so much love from other people.

Eutteum finds Ha Ri’s notebook on her desk. He’s about to look in it when Ha Ri returns. Editor Shin tells the reporters that she’s quitting.

Ha Ri confronts Yi Sang. She tells him that he drew the line and shouldn’t cross it. Showing his feelings is hurtful to her and he shouldn’t confuse her. Yi Sang replies that it wasn’t light-hearted and he didn’t stop easily. He was clumsy and the reason he rejected her was because of his own issues, not her. He says he’ll give it a shot cutting things off coldly. He walks away.

Ha Ri and her friend are discussing her prospects. Ha Ri says she’s reluctant now that he’s agreed to give it to her. Her friend says Yi Sang? She discovers it’s Eutteum. Eutteum overhears and panics.

The office gets together to say goodbye to Editor Shin. Ha Ri helps her pack her things. She hugs her and tells her she’s thankful for her. They both cry.

Everyone is drunk. Ha Ri tries to take care of Eutteum and drops her notebook. She doesn’t realize it. Yi Sang picks it up.

Meanwhile, Ha Ri waits for the driver to show up with Eutteum. He tells her he’s made up his mind. Ha Ri fixes her hair. Eutteum smiles and says she wants to look good for him. He gets on his knees in front of her and confesses that he wants to look good for her too! He kisses her. Yi Sang watches from nearby.

Thoughts: OH MY GOD. Wtf is this mess? The second Eutteum got on his knees, I KNEW Yi Sang would be nearby and my heart sunk. How could he just kiss her like that? I don’t even know how to process this. And the earlier conversation with Jae Young is another thing. He says they can get married and Ha Ri wishes it could be like when they were 20 and he made her heart flutter! And then when he tells his ex wife that he never should have left Ha Ri for her!!! That was heartbreaking. This show has all the feels. And Yi Sang!! Come on. He tells Ha Ri that she made his heart flutter and still rejects her! Enough is enough.

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